:: postpunk with artificial flavours :: glittery lärm pop :: queercore

berlin-based MAYBECYBORGS perform quirky postpunk with artificial flavours plus a strong noisy queer edge. a 100% solo show – only as loud as yr favourite riot grrrl band!
scratchy electric guitars meet passionate rants meet old school drum samplers meet synths and electronics to celebrate absurdity and making it danceable – sarcastic, loud and always meow!

through the last five years MAYBECYBORGS has been playing shows with HUNX AND HIS PUNX, RAE SPOON, WOOLF, KINGS QUEER, ELECTROSEXUAL, KAT FRANKIE, CANDELILLA, DES ARK among other and has performed on several festivals between berlin and edinburgh and also has been on extensive europe tour in spring  2014 with manchester post-punk three piece LIINES (ex-HOOKER) plus a handful of shows with scottish queer punk artist STE MCCABE.
after the debut album “pink on green” (2012, YESWAY!) the E.P. “panic shirt” dropped in late 2014 on LA MOUSTACHE REC. and the 2nd album is in the works and will be released in 2017.

“maybecyborgs are billed as “punk vs. candy” and are my personal highlight of the night. with vocals that are part frank black, part bryan ferry, this glam rock power pop ticks a lot of boxes for me. looking around, i noticed he venue has gone from quite full to comfortably packed” (liz ely, the f-word.org)

“nice one-man band, was a lot of fun and could have been played even longer!” (gegenglueck.org)