pussy whipped yeah and thank you!

…PUSSY WHIPPED- you are amazing!!! really enjoyed playing last night and even more watching all the other amazing bands & artists. a massive thank you to ste & lukasz and everyone who helped, volunteered or came by to make this happen – you’re lovely!! can’t wait for the next one!!

post tour thank you

…it’s already a week ago that this amazing tour came to an end but i just wasn’t ready to leave this pink bubble being on the road with these 5 wonderful people, zoe, leila, steph, dana & tracey – i love you!
so now’s the time to start a new chapter:
this has been an incredible journey and it somehow flipped a switch in many ways!
we can be very thankful having met so many countless open minded, helpful, courageous and passionate people out there that i still can’t believe it!
people who put up shows, who run a venue, who do patiently soundcheck after soundcheck, who get up at morning fixing us and/or having delicious breakfast with us and letting us sleep over at their places.
people who came to our concerts, showing that they’re having a good time, people who love to talk all night long or being involved into making unforgettable not-really-planned-parties. it’s amazing how 17 days can feel like a month chock-full of adventures, passion, aspiration and fun.
so thank you everyone we met, who helped us on our way, who showed up and saw us (or even twice, yes it happened!) and danced in berlin, potsdam, leipzig, prague, vienna, zagreb, ljubjiana, munich, frankfurt main, marburg, cologne, brussels, amsterdam, osnabrueck, bremen & hamburg -
i really really really appreciate all of yr help, openness and simply yr being there & i can’t wait for next time hitting the road with these wonderful people from LIINES and LA MOUSTACHE! we are family love, xx, st* aka maybecyborgs